Jun 9 2023, Andy

Gorilla ECO & sustainability

Sustainability is a complex issue, and fast-growth companies face particular challenges in calculating and reducing their carbon footprint, either through a direct change in their own operations or managing their supply chains towards more sustainable sources and practices.

Established frameworks and certification schemes can help to identify ‘low hanging fruit’, those easy-to-make changes with a big impact, but there is also a need for continuous, incremental reductions in waste, energy & water consumption, pollution and habitat destruction. All this needs to be achieved without spiralling investment that limits fast growth and expansion.

A large 3PL provider will typically have a thick binder of requirements that cannot be deviated from, in order to expedite your logistics. If you have an environmental innovation in packaging, or you want to offer unorthodox freight as a sustainability supplier, the one-size-fits-all model will limit your options.
At Gorilla 3PL, we’re no strangers to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle  – and in fact, much of our event industry experience comes from finding responsible and productive uses for the enormous amount of waste generated by the whole sector. Whether it’s reusing waste timber for community-building projects, or supporting outdoor clothing repair initiatives, we’re well-versed in sustainability issues.

Agility and flexibility mean being able to accommodate your sustainability needs and requirements into our 3PL provision, exactly the way you need it done. Our multi-skilled team has the creativity and quick thinking needed to solve your logistics waste and energy consumption challenges.