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Bespoke Warehousing &

Looking for a storage and logistics service tailored to your business? We’re here to help.

Warehouse distribution


Bespoke Service

Whether you’re looking for large storage volumes or multiple dispatches, we build our service packages around your business and its needs. Our service is ideally suited to support businesses requiring a minimum of between 10 and 20 hours of activity per week.

Our Transport

A key component of effective distribution is reliable transport. Our core fleet of modern vehicles can get your goods to customers quickly and easily, giving you the confidence that your goods will get to where they are needed.

Managing Your Inventory

Managing your inventory is key to the success of any storage and distribution model. With the latest stock management software and customer portals, all supported by our in-house technical team, you will know exactly what stock quantities you have, where it is and where it will be delivered.


Gorilla provides the packaging solutions you need to deliver excellent customer service. Our packaging know-how will help you deliver products faster, better and securely.


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About us

What makes us special as a storage and logistics partner? We have worked in and around the live events industry for over a decade. Our history means we understand the importance of precise timing, precision in documentation, delivery and ensuring that assets are delivered to the right place at the right time.

We have expanded this ‘no excuses’ philosophy to our storage and logistics. Gorilla3PL provides dependable service that can be relied upon to deliver exactly what is needed when you need it. We aim to change the game for those businesses who want a bespoke service rather than be in the hands of a large, faceless machine.

Owner and managing director of Gorilla3PL, Andy Gregorek, prides his business success on creating customer trust and satisfaction by delivering a high level of service through committed, motivated, and highly trained staff who believe in what they do and take pride in their work.

Sustainability / Carbon Footprint

As a company and individuals, we believe it is essential to operate in an environmentally conscious way. We have a strong ethical approach to the reuse of materials, plants and equipment.

Our objective is to minimise the impact of our business activity on the environment, wherever possible; this includes ensuring that our suppliers do likewise and advising our clients to consider environmental matters wherever possible.


Because every client has specific requirements, our services are tailored to precisely match your needs – every price is unique to each customer based on the volume of work/services.

Contact us for an open and free consultation on how we can create a cost-effective service that will provide you with a logistics solution you can depend on.


The Gorilla Group consists of multiple businesses and activities that focus on providing highly efficient storage and logistics services. Initially based in the events industry, offering services such as warehousing and fabrication, the group has evolved to apply its wealth of knowledge and experience to several sectors including retail, FMCG and more.


Design and delivery of live events and event assets for major clients on an international basis.

Bucks Storage

Container, warehouse and outdoor storage, Bucks Storage offers a mix of serviced and self-service options at a secure location.

Handy Van and Man

Quick and easy pick-up and removal service with an emphasis on rapid deployment and quick turnaround.

Green Gorilla

Join us on this path to a more sustainable future. Together, we’re redefining the industry with eco-conscious warehousing and fulfilment.