Green Gorilla

Solar-Powered Warehouses: Lighting the Way to a Greener Tomorrow

With each ray of sunlight, we’re taking a step closer to a cleaner, more sustainable future by harnessing solar energy to power our warehouse – lowering carbon emissions and reducing our environmental footprint.

As the warehousing industry evolves, so does our commitment to sustainability. At Gorilla3PL, we’re at the forefront of the green revolution, proving that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand!

Here’s how we’re reshaping warehousing practices:

⦁ Embracing a Circular Economy: Through reusing and recycling materials, we’re maximising resource efficiency, minimising waste, and conserving resources! – We have been busy implementing a hazardous waste process, to help our customers achieve their green credentials / OR ISO 14000.

Green Gorilla Project – Recycling / Reusing / Planting

At Gorilla 3PL, we believe that investing in nature has a crucial role in meeting green targets.

As part of our Green Gorilla initiative, we have been developing 37 acres of land to create a space for our team to plant and grow trees – and encouraging our team to spend part of their time working on Green Gorilla initiatives.

It will provide a positive space for our team to get involved while moving closer to our green targets through:

⦁ Our innovative rainwater harvesting systems capture and reuse rainwater from our 1500m2 roof for various warehouse needs.

⦁ Providing a rural landscape for our team to be involved in our green initiatives by planting trees and wind-pollinated plants while encouraging wildlife and enjoying the great outdoors!

⦁ Re-using recycling of wood and other people’s / companies’ waste to reduce the impact on the environment.

⦁ Improving mental health by engaging in mindful activities such as fishing, planting and more.

Recycling plays a pivotal role in building a greener future, and here at Gorilla3PL we’re proud to champion the cause by recycling wood, printer cartridges, office supplies and more!

Here are a few ways that small actions can make a big impact on the journey towards sustainability:

Focusing on Community Impact:

We actively engage with local charities to strengthen our bonds and give back to our community.

A vibrant 75sqm fort crafted for the young minds at Chalfont St Giles Infant School & Nursery! We took sustainability to heart by repurposing timber and materials from our 2019 events to create a captivating space that marries eco-conscious design with educational play for endless adventures.

“The fort is an amazing addition to our outdoor learning space. We are really fortunate to have someone so community-minded living and working in our village. Andy’s contribution will make a real difference to the children, the fort will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you so much to Gorilla UK’ – Elen Peal, Headteacher at Chalfont St Giles Infant School & Nursery

The results? Find out in our case study