Jun 9 2023, Andy

Quick growth start-up company – how to make it work

Starting a new business is never simple, but if you’re planning a fast-growth start-up to take advantage of an opportunity with a view to rapidly scaling the business up, you’re going to have a complex problem on your hands if any part of your new business requires logistics, warehousing or inventory management.

This is why many fast-growth start-ups partner with a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider like Gorilla 3PL. Instead of sinking time, resources and personnel into an expanding logistics department, your business can prioritise growth, secure in the knowledge that your logistics provider will not only keep up but even work with you to further streamline processes and develop new services as needed.

The advantages of 3PL only become apparent with a good fit. Not all 3PL companies operate the same way. Many large 3PL companies will serve dozens of customers, resulting in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. For businesses with predictable requirements and standard processes, these services may be enough to fulfil customer orders, handle shipping, and manage returns, but will struggle with fast-growing requirements and complex shipping combinations.

Gorilla 3PL is different. Our team has extensive event industry experience and is multi-skilled across the board – from real-time digital inventory management to materials handling. We are accustomed to working to immovable deadlines and tight time frames, managing complex logistics, and devising creative solutions to meet budgets. We deliver to locations other hauliers wouldn’t, and we treat each job like an event, with precise timings and to locations with access restrictions.

Rapid-growth start-ups that are aiming for the stars need a 3PL service to boost their take-off, one that will dovetail with their changing needs. Gorilla 3PL is an agile, problem-solving 3PL provider, that understands how your business will scale, and gives you the tools to make that happen – turnkey supply chain fulfilment, warehousing, vehicles, a real-time stock management portal, and around-the-clock team ensuring your stock is where it needs to be and when.

With Gorilla 3PL you manage your supply chain the way you want to, change and expand it the way you need to, and we will make it happen.