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Managing Your Inventory

Managing Your Inventory

Managing Your Inventory

As part of our 3PL offering, we provide our clients with in-house transport solutions for delivery anywhere in the UK. We offer various means of transport, ranging from small vans to trucks and lorries. Clients need to be sure that their logistics partner can get their goods to their required destination as quickly and efficiently as possible – something we’re dedicated to achieving.

A key component of effective distribution is reliable transport. With our core fleet of modern vehicles, you can be sure your goods will get to where they need to be without delays. From years of experience in the events industry, Gorilla understands the necessity of prompt delivery.

We have handled products of all shapes and sizes, moving even the most awkward goods to their required destinations.

Heightened operational efficiency 

Heightened operational efficiency, using our inventory management system, allows us to reduce client cost, increase reaction time to client requests & coordinate delivery logistics all within our inventory management system. Our client portal function provides a clear insight into product management and customer order status’, allowing our clients to have complete data transparency when making decisions. 

New items & processes can be easily implemented into the inventory management system, with the support of our internal technical team change requests are seamlessly completed.

Key services

  • Fleet of modern vehicles
  • Arctic & Curtainside trailer / 26ton rigid curtainsider with tail lift – 2 ton / Van & Trailers / Van, allows for efficient packaging
  • Quick turnaround solutions
  • Ability to deal with complex unloading / loading
  • Comply with DVS (Direct Vision Standard)
  • Sleeper cabs to deal with long trips

From the movement of a 16ft stuffed crocodile to a scale Lego model of a DFDS cargo ship, Gorilla 3PL has built a strong reputation in the transportation of complex and difficult loads. We can produce specialised packaging and crates to protect fragile and delicate objects.

We can move everything from standard pallets to large cable drums up to 2 tonnes. We also offer reused and recycled materials to help reduce the consumption of virgin materials.

Let us take care of your

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Pick & Pack

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