Jun 9 2023, Andy

Why a 3PL solution is right for your business

3PL or third-party logistics is, in its most basic form, a way of subcontracting your sales fulfilment and shipping it out to a fulfilment agency and carrier. But businesses have moved on from the simple pick, pack and post operations of the 1990s. 3PL shipping is now a sophisticated discipline that can enable small, agile businesses to scale more rapidly and deliver more complex product combinations than ever before.

Choosing the right 3PL provider isn’t always easy – and it will depend to a great extent on what you need from the service. At the highest level, your 3PL provider will be seamlessly integrated into your business, assuming complete responsibility for your logistics function, and performing detailed and extensive tasks to further your growth and expansion goals.

Here at Gorilla 3PL, we use our considerable experience in warehousing and logistics, material handling, planning, technology and creative thinking to offer a 3PL solution that is agile, flexible and laser-focused on personal service and product knowledge. We are ready to help your business make a success of start-up with logistics integration & reporting, live inventory tracking through our client online portal and 3PL warehousing.
With in-house logistics, we’re not dependent on any carrier, and our warehouse management and tracking systems are tried, tested and trusted. We’re already helping two telecom start-ups keep focus on their business development rather than their order fulfilment, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Every business is unique, and we specialise in finding the most creative, effective 3PL solution for your business in particular. Get in touch today and find out just how much you could benefit.